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Krauss’s Wager

Luke Nix of Faithful Thinkers ruminates on two of Lawrence Krauss’s recent statements:

Recently in a discussion with Justin Brierly (Unbelievable?) and Rodney Holder, Lawrence Krauss made an interesting statement (podcast: 58:01):

“You talk about this god of love and everything else. But somehow if you don’t believe in him, you don’t get any of the benefits, so you have to believe. And then if you do anything wrong, you’re going to be judged for it. I don’t want to be judged by god; that’s the bottom line.”
Earlier in the program Krauss also described himself as an antitheist and made a distinction from being called an atheist. Taken in the context of the quote above this distinction and title makes a lot of sense.

Absolutely: this is something that I’ve seen from atheists before.  It’s not that they don’t grant the possibility of God — it’s the judgment of God they would like to deny.

It’s not fair.

I’m just being me.

The second objection is true.  You are just being you: a sinful human being deserving of God’s judgment.  But the first statement is false.  God isn’t being unfair; he, too, is being him.

As apologists, it is not enough to address a worldview as a whole, we must look into the specific views of an individual to appeal to them on both an intellectual level and an emotional level.

And Luke unpacks all of that nicely in this post.