The Consistent Atheist: Tom Scanlon

Tom Scanlon is an old friend from way back.  Recently, we reconnected on Facebook.  Tom checked out my blog and we got to talking about theism versus atheism.  Since I’m a Christian and Tom’s an atheist, that’s not a big surprise.  The difference between Tom and most atheists, however, is that Tom makes decisions in his everyday life using methodology consistent with his rejection of God and Christianity.

Tom thought that he might make a blog out of the mess his life has become, if only to make some sense out of it.  But, he lacks the time and energy to grow it.  Therefore, I allowed him to make guest posts from time to time on my blog.  Please give Tom a warm welcome.

You can read all of his posts here.

Disclaimer:  Tom Scanlon is a fictional character of my own design.  I’m writing as him in order to show two things.  First, the inconsistency between the atheist’s approach to religion versus everything else in life.  Second, how absurd your life would be if approached in the same way as the atheist approaches religion.  This is meant as observational humor, not as a serious argument against atheism.

I wanted to add this disclaimer because, while it is perfectly fine for atheists to create Poes to poke fun of Christians (Landover Baptist Church, anyone?), it has been proven time and again that when Christians do the same in reverse atheists take great offense.  So I’m being up front:  Tom Scanlon is a Poe, I’m writing him, and he is meant as satirical humor.

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