Daily Archives: April 30, 2013

Do Any Atheist Arguments Have Validity?

There are a number of atheist arguments floating around.  Alex Knapp of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen itemizes some of the really bad ones. I have yet to hear a convincing argument for atheism; usually I just get some crap about how atheism is the default and I need to prove my case convincingly, otherwise everyone should remain an atheist.

You know, atheism has no burden of proof.  Only theism has the burden of proof since we’re claiming something.  Blah, blah, crap.

So no atheist arguments convince me, but do any make me stop and question my belief in God?

Yes.  There is one argument against the Resurrection that keeps me up at night wondering if I am, indeed, putting my faith in a lie.

First, let’s see the argument in action.  A friend re-posted a rant from Bill Cosby entitled “I’m 83 and Tired.”  It listed several complaints that Bill Cosby allegedly had and expressed that he was happy to be leaving this life soon.  It didn’t sound like Bill Cosby to me, so I spent 5 minutes with Google and was able to verify that it was incorrectly attributed to Bill Cosby — I was even able to get the link to Cosby’s blog denying it was his work.

This isn’t the first time.  The vast majority of re-posts I see on FB are either misleading or flat-out wrong.  You can’t reach State Police Dispatch by dialing 112.  No co-eds were saved by quickly dialing it when an unmarked car tried to pull them over.

It takes less than 5 minutes to verify this crap  — if it isn’t on Snopes.com then any Google search will usually turn up the truth.  The 112 dispatch I found on Snopes; the Bill Cosby one I found through Google.

But people often choose to uncritically believe whatever comes at them without really checking into it.  Normally if it supports a preconceived notion, then people will simply believe it unquestioningly.  The tendency of people to spread comforting lies rather than truth could easily explain the widespread belief in the Resurrection of Jesus — and that’s the argument that keeps me up at night.

So why don’t I become an atheist?  Because this only undermines Christianity.  It does nothing to alleviate the necessity of God for the existence of the universe and the inherent design within it.

Tune in tomorrow to find the two reasons that keep me going to a Christian church on Sundays.