Meme for My Side

Atheists aren’t the only ones who create memes, but the memes critical of God, the Bible, and Christianity just seem to make the rounds faster.

However, every once in a while, some theist manages to create a meme and it makes the rounds.  Today, I found one on Facebook:

Atheists: thoughts?


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  1. I understand that image to be implying: “Yahweh is everywhere”.

    I’m happy for you to assert whatever you want, but if you want to convince others of your assertions, you are going to need to provide some evidence.

  2. Simile: God is all around us, but, like the fish, the atheists is too stupid to understand what is all around him.

    Atheist: The analogy is flawed because, while the fish has no concept of water, we do have a concept of God. Theology has been discussing God since the Hebrews thought of the “One true God” concept, much to the chagrin of all polytheistic religions of the time. Traditionally, God has been thought of as all-powerful, all-knowing, and purely good, but the problem of evil and other a priori arguments against the existence of God are sound. Further, lacking any a posteriori evidence for such a being, the atheist is reasonable to believe that such a being does not exist.

    • agreed, sadly there’s no thumb up button here o_o

    • Fish are dependent on water for survival, humans are not dependent on God for survival. Ever seen movies where a fish tank cracks and all of the fish inside fall out and try to breathe? Well that’s what happens when fish have no water. You’re saying if there was no God, humans wouldn’t be able to breathe? That’s just dumb. You really have no evidence to support anything you say, yet mindless people still follow you. You’re mindless, yourself! This meme is so false that it’s actually funny! “Denying that God exists is like a fish denying that water exists”. Really? God is not all around us. You say God is caring and loving, right? Well this Greek guy Epicurus wrote this little thing:

      “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence comes evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

      Ponder that, please.
      Best regards!

    • “atheists is too stupid” Anti-atheism memes and statements are always hilarious and infuriating. First of all, they brutally misrepresent atheism and are just wrong. Second of all, they always call atheists stupid while making huge grammatical errors.

  3. You see Cory, water is detectable. God(s) are not. That’s the difference here.



  4. Yes, because I totally swim around in and depend on the existence of “god” in order to live. That has to be the most ignorant thing I’ve ever seen. I need god no more than that fish needs a bicycle.

    • You DO depend on the existence of God to live. That’s the whole point. Glad you recognized it.

      • So far I haven’t.

      • If you can actually provide some true evidence, then I would believe you. But since you can’t, why should anyone believe you? Making a claim without even saying why you make that claim is simply so… pathetic. Here’s why I think this meme is stupid: because water is where fish live and humans do not live where God lives. If God was all around us and actually cared about us, then there would be no evil. But there is evil. There are starving children all across the globe, and I don’t see a god helping them! Back in the Middle Ages, the medieval times, there were countless raids from Vikings. There was a deadly plague, wiping out more than half of the entire population of Europe. And people prayed. But did things get better because people prayed? No. Things got better because of science. The development of medicine was researched a little further, and people finally had a cure for many deadly sicknesses! Madame Marie Curie was a scientist. She devoted her whole life to the separation of radium, developed new methods which saved billions of lives, donated her Nobel Peace Prize winnings to charity and war bonds, but died of leukemia due to exposure to radiation. Jesus apparently “died for our sins”, but people still sin anyway. His so-called “miracles” don’t seem that great compared to Marie Curie’s methods involving radiation. Jesus apparently told people to eat bread, which was symbolically his flesh, and wine, which was symbolically his blood. Then he died on a cross and got resurrected, apparently? But his followers were persecuted and then about 400 years later they became the majority in the Roman Empire, and had many religious wars (Crusades) long after the empire fell (which fell partly due to Christianity). Then science took its toll and herbalism spread, creating medicines. That is my evidence why God doesn’t exist. It’s all been about belief, and never about truth. Now Christians across the world pray “for the starving children” while they live in their fine homes with plenty of food, and they’re not giving away anything. They even tell their children that if they disobey this “God” person, they’ll get sent to hell. That’s mental child abuse.

        So I don’t really want to explain more and I’m sure nobody is reading this since they got bored a long time ago. But, that’s my evidence. You offer two sentences, I offer a whole explanation. LOGIC

  5. Theists are fish who think the water is a giant fish who loves them.

  6. It’s more like Aoxygenism or Aterism. The belief that there is no oxygen or earth.

  7. Last time I checked I wasn’t swimming around in bibles…

  8. Fish have no idea they’re in water. If you picked one up and pulled him OUT of the water, a really smart fish would become educated and transformed.
    Theists have no idea they’re swimming around in lies their parents told them. Atheists are just trying to do them a favor.

  9. It’s nothing like a fish denying the existence of water. The fish lives in the water, the fish can feel the water, see it, use it for oxygen. We humans can feel the Earth, see it, and we know it’s there. But there is no evidence of God. Not the animals, insects, trees, or anything. A human denying the existence of the Earth and the atmosphere is like a fish denying the existence of water. And the Bible is not evidence of God either. The Bible was written thousands of years ago by primitive desert/plains folk. It was written by many different people over a long period of time; it wasn’t written by God, it’s not the word of God. This meme required no thought other than to take a picture of a fish in a fish bowl and insert text over it. But if you think about it, it’s not true at all.

  10. Should be studying

    I have no idea how I got to this website …

  11. Idiots: the belief that atheism is the like a fish defying the existence of water. I am an atheist
    and I love to argue with people about that fact.

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