Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

Super Bowl, the Genetic Fallacy, and Brainwashing Children

If you’re a theist on Twitter, particularly if you debate a certain guy named BibleAlsoSays (BAS), you have undoubtedly seen a map like this:

BAS acts like this is unassailable proof that religion is a steaming and moldy pile of donkey crap baking on the otherwise unblemished Sidewalk of Reality in the Harsh Sun of Truth and Reason.

“Look,” he’ll say, “at how all of the religions group into geographic regions.  That means that parents pass religion to the children, who accept it uncritically, and never grow out of it.  If not for parental brainwashing, these children would grow up normal!”

If the intrepid apologist points out that this logically flawed, BAS asks you for an alternate explanation of the map.

Know what?  There is no alternate explanation.  The world religions group so nicely exactly for the reason that BAS claims.  Parents teach their faith to their children, who never question or jettison it in favor of something more palatable.

But that’s not why the premise is logically flawed. Read the rest of this entry