What a Glorious Choice!

It is January 22, the anniversary of the worst Supreme Court decision ever — the decision granting a woman the right to kill her unborn baby in the womb as a matter convenience.  This day is used by NARAL to celebrate this grotesque choice, and they encourage bloggers and tweeters to  talk about the woman’s right to “choose.”

But what are these women really getting to “choose?”

Abortion advocates say that this “choice” advances the cause of womankind and empowers the woman with freedom over her own body.  She is no longer a slave, she doesn’t have to be forced to surrender her vital organs to sustain something she may not have wanted in the first place.

So, those who hold the unopposed power of life and death over another human being are justified in using that power to kill someone who is a mere inconvenience?

Let’s get real.  As much as the pro-abortion crowd likes to belly-ache about situations like rape, incest, or saving the life of the mother, few abortions are actually performed for those reasons.  Most abortions are performed for convenience.  An unexpected pregnancy might be detrimental to the plans of the woman and/or man who would be the parents of the resulting child, so they kill the child.  It’s as simple as that.

Or the child is the wrong sex.

Or the child has a deformity or has the markers for a mental handicap.

This means that most women who have abortions are doing so out of selfish reasons.

An old episode of He-man and the Masters of the Universe illustrated this exact situation, with fantasy elements (of course).  In this episode, Skeletor (the villain) has learned the location of the Starseed.  This artifact is a piece of the singularity that resulted in the Big Bang — and whoever possesses it has the power of God.  Total omniscience along with omnipotence.

Let’s see what happens when He-man and Skeletor battle to possess it:

Do you agree that He-man made the correct decision?

Holding the power of life and death over another person in your hand and not using it is far more powerful than using it.  In the cartoon here, as well as in real life, holding someone’s life in your hands and ending it is always an evil act.

Reality check for my fellow pro-lifers: Our side makes a big deal about electing only pro-life officials to Congress or the Presidency, over getting the right mix of Justices in the Supreme Court to overthrow Roe v. Wade.  The government isn’t where we are going to win the battle, nor where we are going to make the greatest impact.  It is with this power of choice.

The powerful testament to He-man’s character in that clip comes from the fact that he has the power to obliterate Skeletor, but he chooses not to.  For all his evil scheming, Skeletor surely deserves nothing less than annihilation.  However, He-man chooses to preserve Skeletor’s life — and when faced with the chance to kill his greatest enemy he reacts with mercy and forgiveness.

As Zodac points out, He-man’s refusal to use the power of the universe for selfish gain demonstrated his goodness.

Pregnancy is a responsibility handed to the pregnant woman by God, and abortion is the coward’s way to duck that responsibility.  How much of a testament to a woman’s character would it be if she were in dire straits, became pregnant, had the option of aborting the child, yet still chose life for her unborn child?

The battle for abortion won’t be won in sweeping, preventative legislation.  It will be won in the trenches with individual women, one choice by life-affirming choice at a time.

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I'm a born-again Christian, amateur apologist and philosopher, father of 3. Want to know more? Check the "About" page!

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  1. Well stated. We had a packed church tonight for the annual Mass for Life in our diocese. Change starts with prayer which helps to change hearts. I’m with you. And we need to change our laws. This is my first time to your blog, and i enjoyed this post.

  2. This post uses very emotional language, and biased framing.

    Cory Tucholski, can you envision anything that will change your position on this topic?

    • Actually, this post is all about not letting the pro-choice side use euphemisms for killing babies.

      As for bias, I’m not neutrally reporting on a controversy. I’m arguing for my side of the controversy. So, yes, I am biased.

      I’m adopted, and I have every reason to believe my biological mother considered an abortion. Sorry, that’s not the background of someone who will change his mind on this issue. There’s always another way.

  3. Cory Tucholski, recently among white protestants in the USA, abortion was an issue of indifference. Now it is the number 1 religious and political issue for white protestants.

    Do you have any memories or insights about this change?


    • No memories. I’m a recent convert. From cradle Catholic to New Ager, my conservative Christian views have all been developed in the past 5 years. I never paid attention to it.

      Insight? Well, I suspected politics may play a role in this before I ever laid eyes on your link. I was right. It appears to be a move by politicians to win Catholic votes, since Catholics really are the more consistent of all our Christian brethren. I suspect Protestantism is too concerned with political power at times, and by adopting a Catholic viewpoint they thought they could win votes.

      So pro-life, for some at least, is a power-play.

      For me, as an adopted child and father of the 3 most amazing kids ever, pro-life goes deep into the core of my being. I think everyone deserves a chance at life, no matter how conceived or under what circumstances.

      The deck was stacked against my birth mother. My birth father didn’t care what happened to her or I, that much was obvious from reading the scant literature I have available on them. Had he been more involved, I got the impression that Birth Mom would have given it a shot.

      But she could have had an abortion. Then I wouldn’t be here, and there are 3 kids upstairs who wouldn’t be making any noise (instead of pounding on the floor as if with mallets).

      But I am not the world, and some politicians probably claim pro-life where they are really indifferent just to win a voting segment. And pro-life is, creepily, THE issue for some.

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