On Science and Being Called Ignorant

For the record, I love science and I excelled in it at school.  I took some of the advanced classes — microbiology and anatomy & phisiology.  I couldn’t get into the marine biology or genetics optional courses that only the top 1% of science whizzes get into, unfortunately.  In other words, I’m not ignorant of science so please stop saying I am.

— Cory Tucholski

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  1. we are the 99%

    • Meaning you couldn’t get into those optional courses either?

      I really wanted to get into the genetics class. Problem is the teacher who offered it appended to the sign up sheet, “C students, don’t even make me laugh.”

      I got one C in all my science classes. Guess whose class that C was in…

      So I didn’t “make [him] laugh.” 😦

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