Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

Fishing for Compliments

In his most recent post, John Loftus said, “In the sidebar it may look as if I think highly of myself.”

I stopped reading after that because I was laughing too hard.  No, the appearance of John thinking highly of himself is not limited to the sidebar:

  • Its [The Christian Delusion] content is so daring and controversial that a desperate and hostile response from defenders of the faith is inevitable. (source)
  • Because of that book [Why I Became an Atheist] I was able to gather together some scholars to write chapters for The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails which is helping to significantly change the religious landscape. (source)
  • If you’re a Christian thinking about entering [an apologetics degree] program then simply ask them if they deal with my books. Any program worth it’s salt should do so. (emphasis in original, source)
  • [The End of Christianity is] an excellent book, which combined with its predecessor (The Christian Delusion) makes a decisive refutation of the Christian religion. (source)
  • Debating William Lane Craig: “What is Bill afraid of? He’s afraid of introducing me to his fan base. This is what I really think. He’s scared of me.” (emphasis in original, source)

And those are just a few examples.  I know more exist.  I believe the introduction to The End of Christianity contains a gem along the lines of “the gavel has come down, the case is closed, Christianity stands completely debunked.”

So John’s contention in that post that he isn’t now nor ever will be a celebrity is nothing more than false humility, the same sorts of mind games that insecure people fishing for compliments stoop to.

Suspicion Confirmed: Why America Loves to Hate Tim Tebow

I had always suspected that the reason that quarterback Tim Tebow seems to generate so much negativity is his Christianity.

And I’m not alone in suspecting that.

I didn’t see Tebow’s recent game against Miami.  I have, however, seen Miami’s recent Monday Night outing and can tell you that beating Miami is not an achievement (apologies to my mother-in-law, but she knows it too!).  Miami is absolutely horrible this year.

Worse, I understand Denver was behind the entire game, and Tebow only pulled it together in the last few minutes to send the game into OT.

So, you can hate Tim Tebow because he’s a mediocre quarterback.  Fine.  But there are plenty of mediocre quarterbacks in the NFL, why does Tebow draw so much more venom from fans and commentators?

Erik Manning, quoting George Weigel, put the problem into focus.  Tim Tebow gets so much negativity because he wears his Christianity on his sleeve.

If Tim Tebow never put Bible verses on his eye black, never appeared in Super Bowl ads with a pro-life message, and never evangelized or went on mission trips, then he would draw the average amount of fire an in-over-his-head-in-the-NFL quarterback would typically see.

But his Christianity seems to triple the shots he takes in the media and from fans.

Christohobia at its finest.