Daily Archives: September 3, 2011

Some More Changes

I decided that it is more productive to tinker with the layout of the blog than it is to actually blog.

For the sarcastically impaired, that opening sentence was meant to be taken ironically.

However, I think that I have achieved something pretty grand.  I have taken a lot of clutter out of the sidebar and moved it to the footer areas.  So the tinkering wasn’t a total waste of my time.

Although I did write a lengthy diatribe about how boring the powers-that-be want your writing to be at my personal blog.  Ironically, it’s probably boring.

Anyway, I’m probably going to post the first entry in the aforementioned case against gay marriage series shortly.  I would have posted it sooner, but I thought of an obvious objection to it, put it on hold, then didn’t get back to it (even though I had the answer the next day).

Plus, I have some pieces I’m writing for submission.  Some for possible pay, which (of course) would be awesome.  Even more awesome if I could keep a steady income stream through writing.  My ideal, dream job.

Anyway, new piece on gay marriage coming soon.  Stay tuned!