In Defense of Kim Kardashian

I don’t normally wade into pop culture debates, but this one brings a lesson from the Bible into some focus.

There is a huge huff over a recent tweet from Kim Kardashian.  The controversial tweet:

Per my previous post, I think we need to be very, very careful about what we believe from the news.  The primary goal of the media is to sell more papers, and nothing sells better than a good controversy.  The Casey Anthony case is a fine example of something that will continue to sell papers for weeks to come, even though it’s ostensibly over.

The problem that people have with Kim’s post is that she is the daughter of the late Robert Kardashian, one of the attorneys that helped OJ Simpson.  So what?  Kim was 15 when her father presented the OJ case.  That had nothing to do with her.  She didn’t sit by OJ.

How many of my skeptic readers are siding with the backlash against Kim?  If you are, and you have previously argued that it is ridiculous that God holds us responsible for Adam taking a bite of the wrong fruit, you are being really inconsistent.

On one hand, you think that it is outrageous, unfair, and illogical that you are held responsible for your father Adam’s sin per Ezekiel 18:19-20.  You were not there, you did not pull the fruit off the tree, you did not take a bite.  You shouldn’t be condemned for it!  Yet, you’re now condemning Kim Kardashian for something her father did but she had nothing to do with.  It’s okay for you, but not for God.

Thing is, God doesn’t condemn us for what Adam did, and I’ve repeatedly answered this point (for example: here and here).  We don’t suffer for the sin, we suffer the effects of the sin.

Unfortunately, Kim is not suffering the effects of her father’s actions in this backlash.  People are tying the so-called irony of her statements directly to her father’s actions.  That’s outrageous, unfair, and illogical.

Lay off Kim Kardashian, people.  If she is outraged over this verdict, she has every right to be.  Her father’s actions during the OJ trial have nothing to do with her, so let her be and stop holding her responsible for her father’s actions.  Skeptics make repeated fluff about that being unfair when they perceive it done to them by God, but people seem to have no difficulty doing it to a fellow human being.  That’s terribly inconsistent.

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  1. She exploited the murder of two beautiful Americans for money you fucin genius!

  2. I agree with not blaming a person for their parent’s actions.

    A suggestion for future – a point can be made with more rhetorical force if you address the criticism against a specific person, or specific few people. Name names. As opposed to aiming the criticism in the general direction of an unknown sub-set of a poorly defined group.

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