Talking Without Communicating

A user with what I believe to be a cribbed e-mail address posted the following comment on my lament that Dr. Randal Rauser beat me to debunking the “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” nonsense:

Just right points?I would be aware that as anyone who in reality doesnt write on blogs a lot (in fact, this can be my first submit), I dont assume the time period lurker is very turning into to a non-posting reader. Its no longer your fault in the least , however possibly the blogosphere may come up with a better, non-creepy title for the 90% folks that experience studying the content material .

This is a textbook example of talking without actually communicating anything in particular.  It’s wordy, and it doesn’t really say anything.

He left two other comments (also marked as spam) that asked legitimate questions.  I was about to clear them when I read that.  Wow.

Just for fun, it wasn’t his “first submit.”  I’ve seen that e-mail address used before, and even sent him an e-mail prior to this about unrelated topics.  In any event, he has a lot to learn about “content,” as he has no content in that paragraph.  I read it five times and I can’t figure out just what it actually says!

Maybe it was randomly generated.  Why not?  A paper made at that link made it into a peer reviewed conference.

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  1. “So, today I got a spam comment. Let’s write a blog post about how useless it is!”

    Another rockstar post, Cory.

    • Crap. I thought you left. I guess I’ll have to cancel the party.

      I not only blog philosophy and theology, but I also post things that I find humorous on the off chance that others might also find them humorous. My typical post exceeds 1000 words and usually has a heavy philosophical component, so I like to do stuff like this occasionally to break that up. Others have complimented this feature (as I have done this more than once).

      If you think this is stupid, I hate to think what you’d say about my personal blog, where I’ve shown two examples of pop culture glorifying murder (here and here).

      Anyway, it’s my blog and I decide content. One consistent piece of advice in all of the books I’ve read about improving the skill of writing is that the writer must first write for himself, not for others and definitely not for money. So, this blog is for me first, you guys second. If you think you can do better, there’s lots of free blogging platforms out there where you can have at it. WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Xanga, Livejournal–go nuts, dude.

      If you do start a blog, please send me the address so I can be your troll.

      • “Off chance” being the operative phrase. I don’t really see how posting, then giving your insightful commentary, on a spam comment qualifies as humor. Anybody who spends any amount of time online has dealt with spam in some form or another. We realize how nonsensical it often is. Am I missing something? Have I no sense of humor? Probably.

      • Again, I’m sorry that you don’t seem to like this. It’s really not going to stop me from doing this, but thanks for the input nonetheless.

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