POLL: Does this Make Me a Snob?

Recently, I was directed by a Facebook ad to a local church.  I visited the church’s website because the ad said they had a “Gaming Ministry,” meaning that its members had a regular fellowship time to play table-top role-playing games of the Dungeons & Dragons variety.  That intrigued me, both because I used to be an avid player (before two kids sucked all of my free time away) and because most churches think that playing RPGs is a sin.

However, the more I read the site, the more disgusted I became with this church.  As an organization, they look good.  The pastor encourages the same sorts of things that I would if I were a pastor, and the same sorts of things that my own church encourages: membership in small groups, active volunteering and ministering to those in need.  The theology is a bit off from what I would say, given that the pastor is a student at Liberty University and I’m a Calvinist (LU is extremely anti-Calvinist).

Outside of minor theological quibbles, the main reason that I’m appalled by this church is the grammar and spelling on their website.  As an example, this is the description of the Christian Games Team:

[Redacted] heads up this team in its efforts to enrich the lives of the body through games. These things were given to us to enjoy… This team is responsible for the table top Games ministry. Star Wars events are held monthly and other events are common. role Playing and Board game events are scheduled almsote very week with three or more ongoing roled playing campaigns. This group visits Bash Con every year to show the love of God ot gamers with free snacks, drinks, games, and prizes. Fellowships often include boardgames and stategic war games as well as volleyball etc.

The pastor’s blog is no better.

Now, I know that I should probably just let it go.  But whenever I see a website or other form of communication from an organization that is so blatantly littered with bad spelling, grammar, and punctuation, I automatically think the organization is unprofessional and I won’t have any dealings with it.

Am I a snob for this?  I mean, my spelling, grammar, and punctuation aren’t perfect.  I’ve gone back over some previous posts and found errors of all sorts.  But, at least I proofread my copy a couple of times before I post!  My errors tend to be minor and confined to one or two per post.  That sample I provided had an error in nearly every sentence, and two sentences that toe the “run-on sentence” line.

You can add any additional comments below.

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