Consistent Atheist: Meet Tom

Guest Post by Tom Scanlon

All right, I’m new to blogging so you’re going to have to give me some room.  My name is Tom Scanlon, and I’m an atheist.  But I feel like I’m different than most atheists in a very important way.  I consistently apply the attitudes and methodologies that led me to atheism to all areas of my life.

My life is pretty messed up because of that, but I don’t care.  I’m actually happy because I’m 100% consistent in all of my conclusions about life–no matter how weird they are.  In the coming weeks, I’m going to post about that, so you’ll see just how messed up things are.

Cory and I used to go to school together and we reconnected through Facebook.  I saw Cory had a blog and I talked to him about how to start one, since I was thinking about doing one about how consistent my atheism has become.  When I heard that you have to update blogs fairly regularly to get traffic and build loyal readers, I balked because I don’t think I have that much to say, or that I’ll even post that often.  So, being a gracious friend, Cory agreed to let me post every now and again to his blog.

So, hi, everyone!  I thought I’d start out with a brief introductory post and then maybe later this week or something I can put up a post about applying the methodology for rejecting Christianity to my personal life, and why it messed stuff up so badly.

All my posts will be under the Consistent Atheist category of the blog, so click on that to check me out.  Also, I got my own page.  All right, that’s it.  Hopefully I’ll be back around Friday or so with my first post.

About Cory Tucholski

I'm a born-again Christian, amateur apologist and philosopher, father of 3. Want to know more? Check the "About" page!

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  1. not a real person

    also, Tom Scanlon is an anagram of “son not calm”. Coincidence? Or a mysterious Government Conspiracy?

    • Aww, man. You outed me.

      Unfortunately, not before I outed myself. I know you didn’t read that, as no one has. I checked.

      I know from experience when Christians create satirical atheist characters without disclosing it publicly, there’s a huge backlash and the phrase “lying for Jesus” is always used. So, if you check the page dedicated to Mr. Scanlon, you’ll find that I fully admit that he’s a satire and not meant to be taken too seriously.

      The anagram is interesting, but a coincidence. The fact that the name forms an anagram makes me wish I had chosen it more carefully, so that the anagram formed by it would be a clue that I was the voice behind Tom. Like how “Tom Marvolo Riddle” is an anagram for “I am Lord Voldemort.” That was kinda cool, actually.

      On the other hand, it could have been my subconscious, since my son has been anything but calm for the past week. He’s taken to screeching at the top of his lungs randomly for no discernible reason. I have a headache from it still, even though he went to bed two hours ago.

  2. Cory Tucholski said: “so that the anagram formed by it would be a clue that I was the voice behind Tom”

    how about “lost con man”. That might suit your purposes!

  3. anagram generator – its so quick and easy. We are lucky to live in 2011.

    • Hey–“Click Your Host” is an anagram for my name.

      And “Injects a Pooch” is an anagram for Josiah Concept.

      Okay, I need a life. Wait a minute… I have a blog, Facebook, and Twitter. I like to play Dungeons & Dragons. One of the things I did today was paint 25mm war game miniatures. I should have concluded that I need a life long ago. 🙂

  4. Funny… I’m also an atheist, I also apply the same rationality used in me coming to atheism to all areas of my life, and my life is the antithesis of messed up. Oh, and I’m also a real person.

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