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  1. Héhéhé…

  2. Incorrect. How can you be an American if you haven’t been born yet? Did you not take a civics class in high school?

    • I think this is a comment that illustrates how to totally and spectacularly miss someone’s point.

      But, for the sake of argument, if I changed the graphic to read “humans” instead of “Americans,” would you then agree with it?

      • No, I the cute little graphic’s point. It’s a blunt assertion, meant to induce a sense of shock and awe, but without really offering the slightest bit of argument.

        AIDS kills roughly 8,000 people a day. Where’s you graphic for that?

      • A natural phenomenon isn’t even close to the same thing as person making a deliberate choice to commit murder. Nice red herring.

        If you want arguments, I have pro-life arguments elsewhere on this site. And I did quite a bit over Twitter two months ago, though I didn’t really finish what I started due to other time commitments. You could try engaging what I’ve said elsewhere.

        This is one of those little things meant to make you think. It wasn’t meant to be an argument. Red herring #2.

        Man, my radar for comment-and-runners must be off. I thought for sure I’d never see you again.

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