This Pretty Much Speaks for Itself

I’m putting this video up without editorial. Lila Rose, founder of, has done another undercover investigation into Planned Parenthood. These are the facts as I understand them:

Two folks posing as a pimp and his prostitute talked to an office manager at Planned Parenthood, asking how to secure abortions, contraception, STD testing, and other services for his underage sex workers. The office manager, Amy Woodruff, LPN, coached the pair on where to go to get abortions no questions asked, counseled them on how to lie to avoid detection by law enforcement, and even gave them some business advice. She told them to avoid the clinic’s nurse practitioner because she will ask them enough questions to expose the operation, thus obligating Planned Parenthood to report to the police.

UPDATE: LiveAction released the unedited footage, just to quiet critics who suggested that this was edited to purposely make Planned Parenthood look bad.

UPDATE: Planned Parenthood terminated Amy Woodruff, the manager depicted on the video.

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  1. This seems to argue in favour of the current laws. This woman, Amy Woodruff, is aware of the laws in place to protect minors and is actively undermining their enforcement.

    She might think she is helping the girls – and she’s probably right that they would be safer getting services from Planned Parenthood than from a back-room clinic – but that doesn’t excuse her actively avoiding the report of under-age sex work employment to the authorities.

    Bust her, I say. Presumably we agree on that.

    Why is this of interest on this blog, though? This doesn’t argue against family planning services, only that this manager knows that what she’s doing is against policy and against the law.

    • I support pro-life causes, receiving e-mail requests from time to time from both Jill Stanek and Pro-Life Blogs (a content aggregator focusing on issues related to the pro-life fight) to blog on certain issues. This was a request I received from both, so I put it up.

      I originally reserved comment because the video was edited, so I wasn’t sure if something that hit the cutting room floor would change my opinion of what I saw. But now that LiveAction released the unedited footage, which tells the same story as the edited video, and Planned Parenthood has fired the clinic manager about four hours ago, I am safe to say that this is evidence of a crime.

      Woodruff could face charges of aiding and abetting the commission of a federal crime, same as the folks on To Catch a Predator face criminal charges despite not actually committing a crime.

      In any event, Planned Parenthood receives public funds and this video is a grim display of our tax dollars at work. This is why I hate paying taxes to the U.S. government; I can manage my own money so much better than they can. But I also understand the need they have for it; I’m not part of the Tea Party.

  2. Woodruff could face charges of aiding and abetting the commission of a federal crime

    If the evidence holds up (as determined by those who have access to all the available evidence, not me), then I agree she should face those charges.

    Note, though, that those charges have nothing to do with providing reproductive planning services to people, and everything to do with hiding evidence of someone else’s criminal activity.

    Planned Parenthood receives public funds and this video is a grim display of our tax dollars at work.

    Indeed. But the accused was clearly displaying, in the video, her knowledge that she was acting against the policy even of her workmates at the same office, let alone acting against the law.

    This doesn’t indict Planned Parenthood as an organisation unless there is compelling evidence to that effect; this video is, if anything, evidence against that.

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