New Low for America

This could be the saddest graphic I’ve ever seen. (H/T to Failbook)

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  1. Glee’s also twice as interesting.

    • You obviously haven’t taken the time to seriously think much about God, then. Of course, I haven’t actually watched Glee so it’s tough for me to make the comparison, but I can try:

      Necessary being, nothing exists apart from him, created and tamed the cosmos, upholds everything by his own will, breathed life into our ancestors, and currently sustains our own existence . . .


      An over-hyped dramedy about absurdly attractive people who can sing . . .

      Yeah, I’ll go with God.

      • Yes, but at lease one doesn’t need shaky and absurdly confusing philosophical “proofs” to determine Glee’s existence.

      • Actually, I think that the existence of God is quite obvious, no “shaky and absurdly confusing philosophical ‘proofs'” necessary. Where else did all of this come from? Why would chaos suddenly produce order? And, best of all, if not for a lawgiver, why believe that any sort of “law” exists, etched into the fabric of existence? Why assume that a flat surface will act as a table each and every time you attempt to use it as such? The worldview that lacks God must provide proof that anything at all will continue to happen as we expect it to, since there is literally no guarantee that any of it will!

  2. I think Steven Hawking’s new book has some ideas about order popping out of chaos (haven’t read it yet).

    If there is some first cause for the laws, what reason is there to assume t’s anything remotely recognisable as a personal god?

    I think you’re poking at the philosophical problem of inductive reasoning here. But frankly if an apple falls downards in a bajilion observations, and doesn’t sail off into space, we have pretty good rason to expect apples to continue to fall. Remember scientific truths are provisional by nature.

    I would also point out that the computer you’re using to read this right now comes to us via methods that assume that the physical universe “will continue to happen as we expect it to”.

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