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Whenever a Christian converses with a non-Christian about the truth of the faith, every request of the non-Christian for the proof of Christianity should be met with an equally serious request for proof for the non-Christian’s philosophy of life. Otherwise we get the false impression that the Christian worldview is tentative and uncertain, while the more secular worldviews are secure and sure, standing above the need to give a philosophical and historical accounting of themselves. But that is not the case. Many people who demand that Christians produce proof of our claims do not make the same demand upon themselves….If the Christian must produce proof, so must others. (Desiring God [Sisters, Oregon: Multnomah Books, 1996], pp. 273-274)

H/T to Jason Engwer of Triablogue.

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  1. What a great quotation to extend into discussion rather than oppositional face-off, particularly as some non-Christians argue for black/dark matter based on face even if invisible.

  2. The effect of dark matter is seen, while the effect of God is not, at least without inner convictions…it’s like air, we can see its effect…but I’m no expert on physics. I don’t think physicists pretend to know everything about dark matter, in the way that Christians and the religious in general pretend to know the thoughts of God on many subjects…it’s in the name…”dark”…

    We don’t really have a worldview, us non-believers. We simply do not adopt the religious one. We don’t have anything to prove, unless we’re strong atheists (100% certain that God doesn’t exist). It’s like believing there’s a thief in your back yard…if you tell your wife that, she doesn’t have to prove to you that there isn’t a thief, you have to prove to her that there is a thief. As we like to repeat: “The burden of proof is on the believer”…

  3. I bet you wish george bush was still president now

    • Actually, I couldn’t stand George W. Bush. I thought he was an inept leader and I voted against him both times. I was very relieved when his second term was up and he couldn’t be re-elected. I’m not the only Christian who was anti-George Bush, by the way. Apologetics Index actually summed it up nicely: “While claiming to be a Christian, George W. Bush has shown himself to be a truly evil man – a warmonger who led the US into an illegal war based on lies and deceit, a supporter and promoter of human rights violation, and an unrepentant liar.” Some articles on that here.

      And for the record, I voted for Obama. Although I’m not sure I will again. This BP thing has been mishandled by all parties concerned, especially him. And I disagreed very strongly with him winning the Nobel Peace Prize less than 100 days after taking office. What did he do to actually get it??????

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