Typical Atheist Arguments

In my much derided “No Heavyweights of Theology” post, a commenter named Karen Leonard posted the following comment:

It is very difficult to be a “heavyweight” in theology. There is so much mythology, misogyny, racism, sexism, cruel and unusual punishment, mixed messages, and down right nonsense within the bible, that the only people you can address that will sit through your oratory would be those whose minds are so fearful of death that they would believe ANYTHING that gave them hope to the escape the grave.

I was rather nasty in my reply:

Do work really hard at in-the-box-atheist-groupthink, or does it just come naturally?

This prompted commenter Enoch Sherman to stop following my blog, concluding that I don’t encourage rational conversation.

What, exactly, was rational about Ms. Leonard’s comment? NOTHING. Every point she made in that comment has been refuted, either by me or by another apologist. Those charges have stood refuted for years.

I already left these links in the comments, but since Ms. Leonard’s charges are so common, I thought I’d leave them here for your perusal.

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  1. I read your response in regards to sexism, and I wasn’t impressed. I find your distinction between ontological and functional subordination to be irrelevant. Whether ontological or functional, the Bible assigns women an inferior status solely because of their sex, which is the very definition of sexism. Your team leader analogy fails because team leaders are picked on the basis of relevant skills (or at least they should be), and someone who is not chosen as a team leader this time around may be chosen as a team leader at another time, while women are always denied superior, or even equal, status solely due to their sex.

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