How Did My Spam Filter NOT Catch This?

On this article, I received a comment that was obviously spam:

If only I had a dollar for each time I came to Great article.

My first thought was, If only I had a dollar for each time you came to! Then I realized that the e-mail address was complete nonsense. So I checked the blog that the comment linked to. I don’t know much about SEO, but I figure that just randomly stringing hot button search engine phrases together in a way that doesn’t make sense wouldn’t qualify as actual SEO writing. A sample:

BTW, THE WHOLE WORLD AND MANY POOR IN HONDURAS ARE AGAINST YOU, THE MILITARY WIFE. The US corporate media were silent about the summit in aid of war-torn Gaza. En el caso del canciller de Nicaragua no se produjo ninguna insurrecci n evang lica y D’Escoto abandon la huelga horas despu s de iniciada. You can dance much better strategy than just having Pat Moore ex-Greenpeace running around supporting the British commander of the World Trade Round in Doha. Diouf called for an inefficient, costly and environmentally devastating form of violence in Iraq, for which its infrastructure was not in a duet with Justin Timberlake, the Rolling Thunder guys too ks, Everyone. Indonesia, a country that the most powerful nations.

Can anyone figure out what that meant? That’s a head scratcher. And it goes on for three more paragraphs!

Changing languages for one sentence mid-paragraph probably isn’t the mark of writing par excellence. Just a thought.

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