The Atheist Delusion

Reading back through God is Imaginary to update my answers, I’ve also had to watch those obnoxious and condescending videos again. I appreciate parodies of those horrid things, even if the maker of this particular one isn’t actually on my side (my best guess).

I still find this video hilarious.

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  1. Héhé! You remind me of my sister. She recently completely turned her back on the belief in God (she had been an agnostic since a long time but had continued to pray out of (she admitted it as she was doing it) fear). Even when she was more religious she would laugh at my attacks on religion, and she really found it funny. I myself found attacks on the Catholic Church funny when I was a Catholic kid (and a devout one). Even now, I laugh at people who mock evolution (they show monkey faces, “did your grandfather look like that?”).

    It’s the feeling that the person who made the video is an ignorant fool mocking what he doesn’t understand, I was pretty sure other (than my past self and my sister a couple years ago) religious people would have a sense of humor about it.

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