Wise Words from Al Mohler

If you haven’t read this, you should.

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  1. I’ve pointed out to morons before that the premise “people ought to be able to marry anyone they want” is flawed. The government already forbids minors from marrying, so it has just as much a right to forbid homosexuals from marrying. The idiotic “people can marry anyone they want” line of reasoning is a slippery slope into the legalization of child-molestation. With the weak and ineffective punishments people (other than whites of course) get for it already, it seems it almost is legal. If you are an illegal alien it is. You see dirty old men (illegals of course) holding hands with pregnant 15 year old girls pushing a stoller of the kid they had by him at 14 at the Walmart all the time if you live in a border state. This nation is going to become one giant perverted orgy if we can’t get some sort of decent 3rd party going soon because the Republitards and the Demoncraps are clearly both Satan’s lackies. But since they’ll probably suspend elections by 2012 anyway (I fully expect it) and declare Maobama chairman for life, I think this country is pretty much a lost cause already. That idiotic global warming treaty the doofus in chief is going to sign in December is going to turn all our Sovereignty over to the UN anyway. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

    • “The government already forbids minors from marrying, so it has just as much a right to forbid homosexuals from marrying.” You continue to baffle me with your odd extrapolation of logic. In the eyes of the law a child isn’t necessarily mature enough to enter into marriage. The same argument can’t be made for homosexuals. The government has no right to keep homosexuals from marriage in the same sense it can with minors. Good job.

  2. And please nobody try to quote “thou shall not speak ill of the ruler of thy people” at me. That was an Old Testament precept to the Jewish people alone and only refers to the high priest, as is shown in Acts when Paul calls the highpriest a whited supelchur or some such and gets punched in the face for it, and then he says “I didn’t know he was thr highpriest for it is written thous shalt not speak ill of the ruler of thy people.”. Herod also ruled the people, but Jesus said “go tell that fox…” It only covers the highpriest and I can speak ill of him too because I’m not an Israelite and they don’t even have a highpriest anymore anyway.

  3. My point stupid is that the argument “people should be able to marry anyone they want” is defeated by the fact that the same people would (presumably) allow that the law which forbids an adult from marrying a minor is just. Clearly then they are inarticulate morons who cannot properly word their support for perversion. If pervs want to defile each other in the privacy of their own home then why don’t they just do it and shut up and about it? They don’t need to flaunt their devilish dementia in public and certainly do not need to have any sanction granted to their Satanic union by the state. What you do to another mans butt keep to your own putrid self and to Satan.

  4. Wow man. You really are the most crude, vile individual I’ve ever had the displeasure of talking to online. And that’s quite a shame, because I really thought you possessed an ounce of intelligence, but apparently I was mistaken.

    Let me rephrase this: an adult should have the right to marry any adult he or she pleases.

    The state is SECULAR. A SECULAR state has no business with what you consider “satanic.” If this were a Christian nation, perhaps that would be different, but as it isn’t, gtfo.

  5. Only religious people say that having sex outside marriage is a sin, so why do you perverts even need to get married other than rile religious people up? You don’t mind sinning. Now, the state gets involved in this religious concept of marriage to ensure that society’s best interests are being served. At least that used to be the reason. But today the only reason they are pushing queer marriage is population control. Tyrants need a small population they can control. The state wants to convert as many white and black school children they can to being queers so that they can bring the white and black population, and all other populations that speak English, down to almost nothing and then they can exploit the exclusively Spanish speaking population that will be left as slaves. And if Maobama can’t accomplish that then there will be forced sterlization and death camps.

  6. Cory, for once I think we completely agree.

  7. Yeah… COMPLEEEEETE LOOOOOOON… sounds like somebody’s been spending too much time by themselves watching conspiracy theory videos on Youtube… sounds a lot like some crap Marcion would spew too… Rey you have completely lost ANY shred of respect and sanity that I may have once given you…

    back to the subject at hand…

    Isn’t this thing by Mohler another attempt by the extreme right to freak us all out that Obama is the antichrist hellbent on taking away our freedoms? I didn’t vote for the guy BUT… I seriously doubt Obama’s intent is to undermine the freedom of the American people… although based on his socialist agenda, he may ultimately do some of that indirectly…

    Whether or not we are a Christian nation remains to be seen… the founders largely believed in the God of the bible… but even a couple of them were deists I think…

    All of this is an individual’s decision. It is not our jobs to go policing everybody on what they deem as “love”… HOWEVER… it is our duty to protect those who are on the receiving end of malicious intent. Just because somebody is a homosexual doesn’t give anybody else the right to hurt them because of it. This goes for anybody elses “life” choice… God says “vengeance is mine”.

    Marriage is a covenant between 3 people: Him, her, and God. Period. No piece of paper makes a person any more married than another. I do NOT support the legalisation of homosexual marriage… but this is a free country and God did give us free will. He also said He will give people over to their perverse thinking and ways if they choose a life outside of Him.

    So tell me… what do you expect in a nation that largely lives outside of God? The people that support this and design the legislation for homosexual marriage will be held accountable to God in the end.

    But back to the point… we as a society need to protect children and the naive… I don’t think we’ll ever get to the point where we as a nation will say it’s okay to molest children or animals or to hurt anybody because of race or sexuality or color or creed. Underneath all of humanity runs a thread of God’s truth… it’s built in… though there are some who simply choose to ignore it for various reasons… those are the ones we need to be on the lookout for… those are the ones that need to be prosecuted…

    Other than that I say live and let live. In the end we know God will sort out this mess, one by one. There will be justice.

    and PLEASE don’t nitpick all I said trying to find some cryptic meaning. Thank you.

    • Hey Caleb.

      “Whether or not we are a Christian nation remains to be seen… the founders largely believed in the God of the bible… but even a couple of them were deists I think…” Whatever the founding fathers believed is largely irrelevant. We’re an entirely (or at least, we should be) a secular nation, meaning religion plays absolutely no role in the workings of our government. And yes, several founding fathers were, in fact, deists. Many of them also strongly opposed religion insofar as it concerns people on a large scale. But again, it’s really a moot point. The founding fathers understood that to protect individual freedoms of ALL citizens the state must remain entirely secular.

      “Marriage is a covenant between 3 people: Him, her, and God. Period.” In a religious sense, sure, but the debate over gay marriage has nothing to do with marriage in a religious sense, but a legal one. If a particular church wishes to not marry a gay couple, that’s its prerogative, but it’s a gross injustice to forbid two consenting adults from receiving the same rights a heterosexual couple has.

  8. Caleb, anyone who’s been paying attention knows that Obama’s “safe school czar” praises the founder of NAMBLA, that several of his czars have praised Mao, and that one of his czars is on record supporting forced sterilization. Let’s just hope you don’t end up eating your words, but I can almost guarantee you will.

  9. But its bigger than Obama. He’s just a figure head. Rich guys behind the scenes have had this plan in the works for a while. Bush started the bailouts remember. The communist takeover America didn’t start with Obama. He’s just accelerating it, or rather its being accelerated while he’s the figure head public face of the shadow government which is the antichrist.

  10. The founding fathers were mostly Deists. Those who were Christians were what you might call liberal Christians. They depsised the OT God and his cruelty and tyranny and accepted only the example of Jesus. The OT God would (like modern Calvinists) rather have a theocrasy that stones ‘blasphemers’ to death. But Jesus would allow religious liberty. Hence it is the rejection of the OT that brought us the Constitution. Look at the Jefferson Bible. Look at Paine’s Age of Reason where he argues that revelation is only revelation to thew first person who receieves it and to everyone else it is worthless hearsay. He believed that there is a God who has never spoken to anyone but who can be discerned in nature by reason, which reason points us in a moral direction to establish a free and just society. This is the guy who wrote the Federalist Papers. He was not a Christian in the sense you think of a Christian. He did praise the moral teachings of Jesus but repudiated the doctrinal and ceremonial system of the NT as mere priestcraft. Ignorance of American history is rank both among atheists and monotheists.

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