Total Depravity at its Finest

Proud Atheists have an interesting post about masturbation. It illustrates that people who are in open defiance of the Lord often misunderstand things to their own destruction.

Before we find out why, we need a truly Biblical perspective on masturbation. For that, let’s look at the Got Questions website’s take on masturbation here. The writers basically agree with my own perspective–masturbation is not a sin, but is often the result of sinful activities. Lustful thoughts, pornography, or anything else that leads to masturbation is what should be dealt with, not masturbation itself.

So let’s just say that masturbation is conduct unbecoming of the Christian and leave it at that. We can argue that any conduct unbecoming of a Christian is sin another time. Masturbation is best left between God and the individual.

That said, it alarms me the number of commenters in the thread who are proud of the fact that they masturbate. They are taking a private matter and making it public knowledge. And they are proud of the fact that they are doing it.

Masturbation, as outlined above, is likely the symptom of a deeper problem. It is this problem that must be dealt with, whether it be lust or pornorgraphy, or something else. Masturbation isn’t the issue that God has in view when he discusses human sexuality; it is those other things that he wants us to abstain from. If those things are dealt with, then suddenly masturbation is no longer a problem.

So if we assume that masturbation is the result of a deeper pathology, then what we have, again, is an example of a culture that has lost its fear of God. People who do not want God to define the rules of human sexuality. These are people who think that they know better than our creator what is for our own good. Masturbation is a sign of sexual sin, and these people are trumpeting from the rooftops that they are involved in it. Not only involved in it, but proud of their involvement.

Total depravity at its finest.

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  1. “Masturbation is a sign of sexual sin,”

    Actually, it’s a sign of sexual health. Check out some of the medical literature.

    If you think masturbation is ‘total depravity’, then you need to get out more.

    • The fact that religion consistently places it’s crosshairs at the natural expression of the human experience, (in this case, the healthy development of sexuality) confirms the fundamental nature of this belief. It’s sickening.

      I speak as an ex-Christian who, in the midst of my teenage years (as pushed along by youth ministers and spiritual advisors), did not even masturbate ONCE in a two year period. The only benefit from destroying your libido and sexuality in this manner is to simply have a spiritual one-upsmanship over your peers. This is why this philosophy is so very popular within the Christian world. It’s all about hierarchy.

      You know, with people dying all over the globe from starvation, you’d figure the Church would have more interest in important matters, rather investing time in whether or not teenagers explore their bodies.

      • Actually, refraining from masturbation doesn’t destroy your libido. Men are on a natural three-day cycle. If a man gets sexual attention, his libido increases. If he doesn’t get any attention for three days, the desire decreases slowly until after three days it vanishes. This is normal. Once sexual attention is received again, the cycle begins anew.

        Now, as for spiritual one-upsmanship, that is a terrible reason to refrain from masturbation. Whatever happened to pleasing the Lord of all Creation? What about suppressing the desires of the flesh to set your body up as a temple of the Spirit? We don’t say these things for mind control, despite what many atheists think. We say these things because it pleases God when you do things like that.

        If atheists are so concerned with starving people in the world, why don’t they set up a charity to do something besides put anti-theistic ads on the sides of busses or get “under God” struck from the Pledge of Allegiance?

    • Misunderstood my point. This “healthy” sexual expression is a sign of something deeper that is wrong, whether it be lust or a porn addiction. The point is to rid yourself of those things rather than the masturbation. If you keep those things out of your life, masturbation becomes a moot point.

      I don’t think masturbation is total depravity. I think that those other things are!

  2. The doctrine of total depravity is one of the most horrible things ever to come out of the cesspool of religious thought.

    • Look around you. Total depravity is the most accurate description of the human condition I’ve ever heard. You reject it because you love your own sin too much to see the light.

      • If God created our bodies, he made them not only capable of masturbation, but geared towards it, particularly in the case of teenage boys. Don’t try to tell me you’ve never gotten an erection for no reason at all, at school…or even in church?? Cory, look around you. You love your own sense of righteousness and what you think is higher morality too much see the truth…

      • Because we can doesn’t automatically mean that we should. I can delete your comment, but does that mean that I should? Of course not! I’d be violating my own open comment policy, and I’d be shutting off what would otherwise be profitable discourse.

        Same thing with masturbation. Just because we can doesn’t meant that we should. One doesn’t automatically follow from the other.

  3. Maybe if some priests and bishops masturbated a little more, they would leave children alone and not cause terrible emotional damage…

  4. What sickens me most is the sites that are wrapping themselves in a veil of purity to promote adult toys to a Christian audience. Using Jesus to sell devices that are used to masturbate infuriates me.

    This article while some might find distasteful sheds some light on this growing industry of Christian sex toy sites.

  5. There are many problems related to the male and female Genitalia. Watch these (part1 and part2) educational videos. If you understand the material here, you will most likely know more than any Doctor or Clergyman.

    Quote from Cory Tucholski “This “healthy” sexual expression is a sign of something deeper that is wrong””

    You need to understand that the brain is waiting for a signal, which will never arrive. No matter how hard the affected man or woman tries, they can never be satisfied.
    In Europe, where Genital Mutilation is rare, the whole concept of relieving seminal fluid is not even given a thought.
    False Belief has played a major role in Genital Mutilation. It has created more than a few million freaks.
    Proper Education would seem wise. I hope the above videos help.

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