Compatibilism and Free Will

I stumbled onto a little-known YouTube video (it only had 95 views at the time of writing) and thought I would share it, as it demonstrates a point I’ve been trying to make to Rey about compatibilism: the truth is that God’s eternal decree and man’s free will interact in such a complex way that we may never understand the mind-bogling truth! What a mystery it is. And if God can create all of the complex cycles that we observe in science (like the Krebs cycle), then surely he can create a universe in which he has the final word, but man is still responsible for his free will decisions.

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  1. Why don’t you just go and sacrifice a virgin to Satan already? Quit pretending to be Christian.

  2. He says absolutely nothing in this video. Biochemical complexity of life allows God to cause evil and yet not be the author of evil. That’s like saying that God could make a being that both exists and does not exist. Really, its like saying that God himself can lie and yet that lie will be true! It is total Satanism. You are in the thrall of Satanism. And….if you accept such a crappy defense of Satanism, you are also (beyond being totally evil by your own free choice) just a total fool.

  3. My more in depth response here.

  4. Response on the video itself as well at youtube.

  5. Oooo arguement by outrage!!!!! Seriously folks… don’t make me call your mothers on y’all… sheesh…

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