Handling Marcion

Marcion appears to be going off the handle in the comment section of this post with regard to homosexuality. I’ve written on this topic before, and I want to make it very clear that my view of homosexuality isn’t the same as Marcion’s.

Marcion takes his name from one of the first Christian heretics. Marcion set his own canon of Scripture and believed in a form of dualism; saying that the God of the Old Testament was evil and that the God of the New Testament is good. As far as I can tell, this appears to be what our anonymous commenter also believes.

My question to my readers is this: should I ban this character, restrict him, or take no action?

Comments are welcome, either below or via e-mail.

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  1. Ban him. It makes you, as well as Christians in general, look bad. Not to mention the fact that he does not seem to display any of the normal human emotions such as compassion and caring, or understand even the most basic facts about homosexuality.

  2. Yup a ban is in order. I am yet to agree with you but….with a character like this guy who is obviously just trying to be disrespectful and cause fights, i won’t have the opportunity to properly weigh your arguments. His rhetoric interferes with intelligent conversation. He is not trying to contribute he is only detracting from any conversation.

    He offends my morals….;) sorry couldn’t resist LOL

  3. If it was my blog, I’d ban him. He adds nothing to discussion, and is over-the-top profane.

    Just to state how I do it … I don’t moderate comments. If I’ve never heard of you, your comment will go through unless you use too many links or certain words. There are five users that I’ve banned for trolling.

    Obviously, it’s up to you. I think, though, that the point of openness is to foster intelligent conversation. If someone doesn’t want to be a part of intelligent conversation, then you don’t need to feel like you’re being overly-restrictive by keeping him out.

  4. Interesting… as I can only think that this is the same Marcion that attempted to place a very hate-filled and homosexually oriented comment upon a blog I had done that had NOTHING to do with homosexuality. I did not allow the comment to be posted. Quite frankly it was over the top and totally unnecessary. It seems to me that Marcion has a serious issue with homosexuality that he needs to work out. I am not typically a person that likes censorship. This is a free society where we can voice our opinions, even if nobody else agrees. However, since Marcion claims to be a Christian, why is he not listening to the words of the NT writers? Read Ephesians 4:29. 1st Peter 3:10. James 3:9-12.

    Marcion needs to repent and to deal with his issue. And if he really wants to voice his opinion, perhaps he should start his own forum for that. I say restrict him. He should be able to come and read, but until he can learn to tame his tongue he should lose his rights to comment.

  5. Thanks guys, for the input. He’s outta here. I rather thought that is what I should have done a while ago, but I’ve never had to ban a user before. I believe in free expression, and differing opinions, but this guy really wasn’t adding anything to the discussion.

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