Atheists Dodge Their History of Violence

It is common for atheists to cite religious violence as “evidence” against God. How this is evidence against God is unclear in my mind; if anything it is evidence that we have definitely not gotten everything right. It is evidence, in other words, that religion doesn’t always adhere to the teachings of its holy Scriptures. And that isn’t a surprise, since we’re fallible humans.

Somehow, it’s okay for atheists to cite ad nauseum the Crusades, the Inquisitions, and the Salem Witch Trials as evidence that Christiantiy is a violent religion. But it isn’t okay for Christians to cite atheist regimes like Pol Pot for the same effect. Dinesh D’Souza counters that argument in this short video, which I couldn’t resist posting since I’ve been on about atheism in my last few posts.

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  1. Atheists don’t cite religious violence as “evidence against god”, we cite it as evidence that religion doesn’t have a positive effect on society.

    The problem with your argument about atheists committing acts of violence is that Pol Pot and the like weren’t motivated by their atheism to do violence. The Crusades and the witch trials, etc. were motivated by religion.

    • Apparently you did not listen to the video, he addressed your rebuttal with a rather humorous bit about Dawkins (who said the same thing). Evidently you have not read any history or you would recognize the absolute absurdity of your statement that atheists committing acts of violence weren’t motivated by their atheism to do violence. You can’t be expected to have anyone take that argument seriously, can you? LOL

  2. Meanwhile, other people have been motivated by their faith for peace. Sigh … Why bother? This argument always just goes around and around and around …

    For my own part, I think that this is why the Bible never makes a case for the existence of God. Faith isn’t the result of being persuaded, it’s the result of revelation.

    • “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

      – Steven Weinberg

  3. ATHEISM IS A RELIGION. Moronic athists define religion as if it means worship of God, but that is not the definition, which is why there’s that joke about the Japanese guy who read the Bible and said “Where’s the religion?” Religion is a set of rituals, beliefs, practices. Atheism is that. Here are the main tenets: (1) Attack theism. (2) Defend faggery. (3) Stick your wang up another man’s arse. (4) Sue cities that put up manger scenes. (5) Spread some more AIDS.

    • For every child ever aborted, every person who ever got AIDS, everyone killed by loony Evolutionist freaks like Hitler or communist thugs like Stalin, the blame can be laid on the atheists for defending faggery, defending abortion, teaching evolution, and for just being immoral freaks who spread AIDS.

      • Shamelessly Atheist

        Spoken like a True ChristianTM. I sure hope you won’t reproduce, but living in a trailer park as you must (or at least that would be indicated by such ignorance and bigotry – you must be the pride of your congregation!) I’m sure the inbred children will follow in your illustrious footsteps.

      • Your bigotry and ignorance disgust me.

  4. We’ll see how smug you idiots are when the fags rape your children, because that’s all fags’re good for.

    • What would you do if your child was born gay, as many are?

      • nobody’s born a fag. they choose to be a freak. do you believe that people are born as pedophile? if that ain’t possible then it ain’t possible to be born a fag either, since all fags are also a pedophiles.

      • The science disagrees with you. Homosexuality is genetic.

  5. Looks like it is time to clean up your blog Cory!

  6. Ummmmmm. Seriously? Pot meet kettle.

    Crusades, inquision, witch burnings, slavery, and the beatings of gay people until they died. All done with the bible’s approval.

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