And They say Christianity has no Respect for Women

I’ve written and podcasted on the fact that the Bible uplifts women. Now it looks like the Pope has joined me.

In an address yesterday, the Pope expressed a commitment to respect the dignity and vocation of women everywhere. He recalled the past teachings of the Catholic Church that call for the respect of women’s dignity.

Now, who says that the Christian church disrespects women?

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  1. I don’t know. There are so many examples in the long history of the Church that show how disrespectful they were towards women. They were forced to marry men their fathers wanted and had not many rights.
    It’s good that it has changed. And that there is more respect now.
    By the way, I say “Church” on purpose, because the Church (especially the Catholic) sometimes has different rules because of history and traditions, than explained in the bible.

  2. Well, I would say in some ways one can say, that the Christian church disrespects women indirectly. By prohibiting condomes or abortion I think the Christian church disrespects women in a special way. Another example is, that women are not allowed to works as a priest in the christian church. So there are several examples where women have a different role than men have in the cristian church. If this is a kind of disrespect, one can be argue. But I think it is.

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