Hit From Both Sides

Normally, I don’t discuss politics on this blog. But I can’t resist mentioning the controversy that has surrounded President-elect Barack Obama’s decision to include Dr. Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life and The Purpose of Christmas, in the inaugural ceremonies this January 20th. Obama is rapidly losing support of the atheist community for including Warren, as Warren stands against abortion (innocently called “reproductive rights” by those who don’t see it as murder) and gay marriage.

Oddly, Obama is in support of both gay marriage and abortion rights, two planks that won him little support among conservative Christians. This leads to the other side of this controversy: now conservative Christians are bashing Rick Warren for participating in the inaugural ceremonies! It seems that no one can win for losing in this debacle.

Personally, I think that this is a situation where people should put their politics aside. Rick Warren appearing at the Inauguration is not an endorsement of Obama’s position on abortion. Nor is Obama’s decision to include Warren meant to be a  slap in the fact to the gay community. Why can’t we put aside these issues that divide us for a day and pray together for the new President as he embarks on a difficult new journey?

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  1. Unfortunately, there is very good reason for Warren to not pray at Obama’s innauguration…the fact that Obama is pro-infanticide…wildly in favor of it.

    If Warren does the godly thing, he will pray God would bring repentance to our nation…then say, if not repentance then bring justice against all who aid and abet in the national blood-guilt of infanticide.

    What is sad is that evanjellyfish may see this as a tip of the hat to Christianity…it is not. It is a politician making sure that the figure-head of evangelicalism is in his hip pocket. We settle for scraps from pagans rather than trumpeting a prophetic voice.

    Perhaps Warren will surprise us…maybe he’ll be a prophet…but I suspect he’ll just be pathetic. He’ll invoke God’s blessings without acknowledging our nation needs repentance. It’s times like these where we need to sound the truth of God’s justice…unfortunately, the god Warren will pray to will look like a newly house-trained puppy.

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