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The Friendly Atheist alerted me to a cartoon on Atheist Cartoons:

This proves that, no matter how many times an issue is explained to the atheists, they ignore us and move on. I’ve addressed the issue before, and I know that many other apologists have also addressed the issue as well. Here we go one more time:

Atheists, listen up! Christians are NOT polytheistic. We are monotheists. We believe in one God. The Bible affirms that God is one being. Father, Son, and Spirit are separate persons, functionally different but ontologically the same being. No one understands or can explain the doctrine of the Trinity fully. So no one expects you to understand it. But to repeatedly mock it as polytheism is childish. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean that you get to explain it the most convenient fashion for you, and ignore everything that knowledgeable people keep telling you about it. To do so impedes rational discourse.

Since no one fully understands the Trinity, atheists assume that it must be false. Permit me to draw a parallel. No one understands how life began on this planet. It could have been seeded from outer space says one theory, or it could have originated from non-life says another theory. God could have created it says a third theory. Just because no one fully understands the origin of life doesn’t mean that it never happened. Atheists permit that we will understand this mystery one day, but mock theists who say the same thing about the Trinity. For now, like the origin of life to an atheist, the Trinity remains a mystery to the Christian.

As for praying to angels and saints or the Virgin Mary, praying to anyone other than God is expressly forbidden in the Bible. Only Catholics practice this. Christians pray only to God.

Why is it that no matter how many times it is explained that Christians are monotheists does the charge of polytheism remain?

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  1. This is utter fucking nonsense

    • Could you be any more vague? If you could offer specifics, maybe I can clear up your misunderstandings. Otherwise, you’re just cussing and we all know that that is the refuge of a shallow mind.

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