Daily Archives: October 15, 2008

Reply to the Reverend

The Homosecular Gaytheist, known to his fans as the Rev. Reed Braden, has graced my blog once again with his trademarked snarkiness. Normally, I don’t answer him because I’m afraid that it will inflate his already overly-large ego, but I don’t want to risk him thinking that he’s won again. I stopped posting during our last round of debating because his tone is too sarcastic, even for me. Not because he demolished my arguments.

I will answer his second comment first, then dive into his meatier first comment.

OH MY GOD! I just realised you’re Cory Tucholski! I had so much fun completely obliterating your arguments last time we met online. So good to see you and smack down your arguments again! Have fun with your six readers!

Six RSS readers. I generate over 1200 hits per month. And my blog has been graced with comments by “famous apologists” such as James White. This statement is just childish. Onto the real argument: Read the rest of this entry

Seen Through an Atheist’s Eyes

Lee Shelton, the Contemporary Calvinist, has an excellent visual post here. It truly demonstrates the bankruptcy of atheist arguments when it comes to explain the design of the universe.  Enjoy!