A Theodicy on Natural Disasters

Jeffery Bruce over at Christians in Context had an excellent thought on why natural disasters occur. He doubts that it is a very original thought, and it probably isn’t, but it’s something that I’ve never considered and is very valid.

Bruce points out that all of creation was cursed along with Adam and Eve. Undoubtedly, humans wouldn’t be able to tolerate the resplendent perfection of what God himself terms “very good,” and so all of creation must be made imperfect along with us. It is from this imperfection that things like natural disasters occur.

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  1. Are you saying that the laws of physics were not put into place until sin entered into the world? That is all that a natural disaster is. Or is it just God letting Satan and his demons wreak havoc on the world?

    But consider then lesser seeming physical phenomenons that are also equated with sin…

    What about flies, which eat excrement and dead flesh? So unclean. Did God not even create them until after the fall?

    Did milk not curdle and go bad until after the fall?

    Was water not corosive until after the fall?

    Did cuts not feel painful until after the fall? Or did people not get cut until after the fall? (Child birth is mentioned, but not getting cut… without pain, we’d hurt ourselves even worse)

    If natural disasters must be seen as a result of sin, then so must all of those other things, and that just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    It is not the event that a natural disaster sinful, but the result. When you murder someone, that is sin. When you execute the murderer, it is not. When you kill an animal for sport and leave it to rot, that is sin; when you kill it to eat, then it is not. When you present a dead animal to idols, that is sin; when you present sincerely to God by the Laws of Moses, it is not.

    But natural disasters are tragic, and tragedy is of sin. And there were no tragedies until sin entered the world. Therefore, ice ages that do not affect people are not tragedies. Floods that do not affect people are not tragedies. Ditto for tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Natural disasters that do not affect people are not tragedies, and therefore are not borne of sin.

    Sometimes an earthquake is just an earthquake.

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