Homosexual Agenda?

I picked on him yesterday, too.  Now I’m picking on him again.  Odder Stories has this post, which I partially agree with:

Anyone who is gay, knows gay people or has an ounce of common sense should realize that the Gay Agenda myth is ridiculous. . . . But those who preach the idea of a Gay Agenda are almost never talking about a single group or person – rather, they want you to believe that the majority of homosexuals, because they are homosexual, subscribe to this subversive ‘agenda’. I have to wonder if these people imagine new ‘recruits’ being inducted into some globe-spanning, conspirational corporation. (Of course, the ‘recruits’ will be teenage boys, roped into the gay lifestyle against their will).

I don’t agree with the idea of a sweeping “Gay Agenda” embraced by all homosexuals everywhere.  But I do believe that there are many who would like the voices of we, the religious, silenced forever.  Our dissent from homosexual marriage and the lifestyle itself is the one voice that they cannot and will not hear.

My theory is that, in their own hearts, they know that what they do is abominable in the sight of their Creator.  They suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Rom 1:18), they hate the light and prefer to remain in darkness since the light will expose their sin (Jn 3:19).

Is there some agenda out there?  I happen to think that there is.  I think it tries to silence the voice of morality on the issue precisely because we pang their consciences.  And I can back myself up with two news items that happened to cross my desk today.

A Belgian Bishop was acquitted of inciting homophobia.  A gay rights activist group complained when, during an interview, the Bishop remarked, “Homosexuals have encountered a blockage in normal psychological development, rendering them abnormal. I know very well that in a few years, I could be imprisoned for holding this position, but this could mean a bit of a vacation for me.”

They are trying to silence the voices that say what they do is wrong.

In a more dramatic example, a Canadian priest is being investigated for a hate crime when he engaged in a debate where he quoted extensively from the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the letters of Pope John Paul II to prove that homosexuality is wrong according to Catholic teaching.

I’m sure that I could find more examples, but these two suffice, I think, to uphold my position: There may not be a sweeping agenda agreed on by all homosexuals everywhere, but one does exist.  It seeks to silence Christians and the day will come when merely posting this on the Internet could land me in jail.

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  1. We really don’t want to silence anyone…except the hateful bigotry that: 1. Put us to death in Nazi Germany. 2. Prevents us from being treated equally by the law in EVERY state of the union. 3. Causes us to be kicked, hit, spat on, and mocked when were kids growing up in high school.

    This so-called “gay agenda” is such a joke – Would you consider actions performed in our history in order to stop slavery the “black agenda” – I think not –

    The bottom line is that no gay persom is going to try to force you into a gay wedding- those gay marriages that are performed have no bearing on you in any way – and the only reason that people like you object is because of your religion – but this isn’t your church that we live in – this is our country- so just chill out, and stop stirring up hate for no good reason- peace

  2. Most Christians would say that you can’t compare black people who are discriminated against to gay people who are discriminated against because being black is just something you’re born with, while being homosexual – and by ‘being homosexual’ I mean ‘having gay sex’ – is something you choose to do. I don’t know, I suppose we’re just asking for it?

    But it’s true that Christians don’t hate us. Many of them may be more than willing to compare us to pedophiles and drug addicts, smiling all the while, but they don’t hate us.

    I’m trying to think of how I could compare a Christian to a schizophrenic and still pretend that I wasn’t insulting them. There must be some serious mental gymnastics going on here.

  3. Oh GOD!! The gay issue… This is one of many things that proves god doesnt exist. Also it proves how these so-called holy texts can be used (and is used) to justify any abominable act u can think of. So who created gays again? Oh must have been that other fantasy Satan.

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