R.C. Sproul

Christians In Context has been doing a series of “theologian trading cards,” where they take popular theologians and put their faces on baseball card-like graphics.  Then they explain a little bit about who the theologian is and what he has done.

The most recent entry into the series is a theologian that I respect very much, R.C. Sproul.  Sproul has a gift for explaining the most complex philosophical concepts in a way that is accessible to laymen and theologians.  As a writer, I appreciate Sproul’s accessibility.  I only pray that as I write more complex works of apologetics that I can be as accessible as Sproul.

My first exposure to this man was waiting in line for the seventh Harry Potter book at midnight on its release date (I’m a geek).  I picked up a thin book entitled Chosen by God.  Before I knew it, I had read the first 30 pages and had crossed the line from reluctant Calvinist to passionate defender of the Reformed doctrine of predestination.  That book showed me predestination not as a tyranny but as the ultimate expression of God’s love for mankind.

I join Christians in Context in saluting Sproul.  May God continue to bless this man’s amazing ministry!

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