Daily Archives: March 29, 2008

Update: Madeline Neumann’s Siblings Wisely Removed from Parental Custody

The three siblings of Madeline Neumann, the young lady who died tragically as a result of her parents praying instead of seeking medical attention, have been removed from their parents’ custody.

In the original article, the authorities had not made that decision yet since there were no signs of abuse or neglect.  I’m very glad that those kids were removed.

While I agree with the principle that all healing comes from God, as Leilani Neumann told the press, I don’t believe that prayer is the sole vehicle by which God works.  I believe that He works through the competent doctors and nurses, all of whom He calls to do that work.  No legitimate church would see seeking medical attention as a sign of unbelief or as having a lack of faith.